14 06, 2019

May We Introduce You to Cloud Computing

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May We Introduce You to Cloud Computing

To those unfamiliar with the tech world, the idea of the cloud or cloud computing is truly mind boggling. In reality there isn’t anything particularly spectacular about the […]

19 04, 2016

Monitoring the Forth Dimensions

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Monitoring the Forth Dimensions

Our client, Strainstall, provide bridge monitoring systems that enable the real time monitoring of the effects of wind and load on the integrity of structures.  This system really showed its […]

31 01, 2013

Off The Rails

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For those of you who have worked with us, or have simply visited our website, you will know that Transportation, and the Rail Industry in particular, is our main market. However, we have been looking to widen our field of interest and I'd like to mention a few projects that we are currently working on that fall into what you might describe as Finance, Nuclear and Telecoms.