26 09, 2017

Our Online Portfolio Has Expanded Again

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Our Online Portfolio Has Expanded Again

Our online project portfolio has increased in size once again to include some of our non-rail based projects such as the M25 Data Analysis Tool and the […]

28 04, 2017

Trespassing – A Growing Problem For The UK Railway

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Trespassing – A Growing Problem For The UK Railway

Members of the public trespassing onto the track has been an issue faced by the rail industry for many years, and according to a recent […]

30 09, 2016

Even More Projects!

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Even More Projects!

We have expanded our online repertoire of past projects to include examples of our experience with porting legacy systems, designing Graphical User Interfaces and complex CCTV systems.

If you are interested in […]

1 11, 2011

ISO26262 – Catching up with the train

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I used to think that the automotive industry is far in advance of the rail industry. If you go back to the 1930s and compare cars with trains, they come up a very inferior; slower, less comfortable, less reliable, ‘cruder’! Come up to date and trains have changed very little. A significant change from coal to diesel or electricity but apart from that very little has changed. Even the sandwiches are the same!!

6 06, 2011

ATO National Deployment and Implementation Design Study

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ATO National Deployment and Implementation Design Study

Network Rail has engaged with a number of suppliers to carry out a study into the technical readiness of Automatic Train Operation/European Train Control System (ATO/ETCS) and to […]

17 11, 2010

Zircon’s PLC Endeavour

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A Zircon engineer has recently completed work for our client who is upgrading a railway in Norway. A number of updates to the railway, including new interlockings, new signals and other equipment upgrades meant that both the software and the underlying data required updating.