17 02, 2012

Data Generation Tool

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Zircon has completed work on an upgrade to our client’s Data Preparation System. Our client has an application that simulates a railway environment which is used with their Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems. The application requires data in order to drive it and this is generated by another of our client’s existing tools.

17 11, 2010

Zircon’s PLC Endeavour

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A Zircon engineer has recently completed work for our client who is upgrading a railway in Norway. A number of updates to the railway, including new interlockings, new signals and other equipment upgrades meant that both the software and the underlying data required updating.

14 06, 2008

MOT Computerisation: Handheld Device Type Approval Success

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MOT Computerisation: Handheld Device Type Approval Success

Zircon Software has carried out the first successful Type Approval Test of a MOT Computerisation Handheld Device.

Zircon has been working with VOSA and Siemens to develop the type […]