29 04, 2020

Tried and Tested: Can Open Source Boost CCTV into the 21st Century?

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Tried and Tested: Can Open Source Boost CCTV into the 21st Century? With funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, Zircon Software Ltd is working to find out whether security surveillance systems and associated […]

31 01, 2013

Off The Rails

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For those of you who have worked with us, or have simply visited our website, you will know that Transportation, and the Rail Industry in particular, is our main market. However, we have been looking to widen our field of interest and I'd like to mention a few projects that we are currently working on that fall into what you might describe as Finance, Nuclear and Telecoms.

27 04, 2012

Device Driver for New Client

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Zircon has recently gained a new client, a major systems supplier to the rail industry. They are currently upgrading communication system hardware to overcome a problem with obsolescence. The hardware is being supplied by a third party and Zircon has been contracted to write the device driver software for this new hardware.

14 03, 2012

Verification & Validation Contract Award

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Verification & Validation Contract Award

Our customer is performing a significant upgrade of their rail  product.  They are planning to significantly change the architecture of the product by splitting the current software process into […]

24 01, 2012

Visualisation and Analysis Upgrades

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Zircon has commenced work supporting our client in the upgrade of their condition monitoring data visualisation and analysis product suite. The application is used to synchronise data from various measurement or recording systems and spatially locate the information on a geographical map.