We have a wealth of experience working with a wide range of application areas, combining the very latest thinking with a practical results driven approach to assist our clients with the implementation of their software.

Regardless of whether a system is part of something larger or a stand-alone application, we can ensure client designs will achieve the desired business and technical objectives. All whilst ensuring that best practice is followed at every step.

Areas of Expertise

  • Component Designs

  • Coding Standards

  • Static Analysis

  • Code Reviews

  • Test Driven Development

“I have found Zircon a pleasure to work with time and time again. They are truly a company that focus on the customer, willing to help and find solutions within the context of the contract at hand.”

Software Process Development Manager

Case Studies

Throughout all our years of operation, we have had the opportunity to assist many a client in overcoming challenges they would have struggled to face alone. However, rather than just take our word for it, why not take a look at our case studies and see what our clients had to say.
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