Project Description

Zircon’s client is a provider of technology and network services for a wide number of the UK and Ireland’s largest operational systems, in industries that range from defence to rail and traffic. As part of their traffic solutions range our client were beginning the process of developing a new traffic light controller. MOVA is an Optimisation Algorithm designed to optimise traffic flow at isolated junctions and our client wanted it incorporated into the new product.

The source code of the optimisation software was designed to run on a x86 processor, however the client needed it to run on a Linux ARM based system. In order for the software to be successfully integrated into our client’s product it would need to be ported over.

The responsibility of performing the software port was given to Zircon, with the addition of developing and integrating a serial communications library, as our client did not have ready access to the necessary resources and knowledge in house.

Before delivering the ported code back to the client Zircon developed and implemented a system test specification to ensure that the software would function as expected when integrated with the traffic controller’s system, as well as ensuring that the final outcome was compliant with the client’s requirements.

The traffic controller is now fully functional and the client has installed the system in locations across the UK.