Project Description

Zircon’s client has provided advisory and design consultancy services for companies in a wide variety of industry sectors, with particular expertise in transport, property, environmental and utilities. Our client was providing a consultancy service to the Highways Agency assisting them with the generation of reports detailing traffic officer performance against KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

KPI reporting was handled by a complex spreadsheet which collated relevant data and provide the statistical reporting. A new set of statistics needed to be added to the report, and therefore in order to achieve this a number of additional features were required to be added to the spreadsheet. The next report was due within four weeks, and as our client did not have the resources to complete the work in house they came to Zircon for help.

Before any work could begin on updating the spreadsheet, all of the engineers involved needed to come up to speed with how it was populated and how performance figures were produced. This proved to be more complicated than originally planned as data was collated from multiple sources, and the documentation of the process consisted mainly of a few handwritten jottings.

Working with the client, Zircon’s engineers completed a ground-up reproduction of the spreadsheet, incorporating all of the new features alongside the existing ones. As the responsibility of managing the document was being transferred to a new department, extensive documentation of how to use the tool was produced to ensure that the transition would be as smooth as possible.

As the timeframe for this project was particularly tight only a week was left over to identify and fix any bugs preventing the system from functioning as it should. Both the client and Zircon performed a number of quality assurance tests, to ensure that the requirements had been met. Satisfied with the outcome of these tests the system was delivered to the end user on time, complete with supporting documents.