Project Description

Zircon’s client is a market leader in the railway signalling and control systems sector, and were responsible for the development of a number of software packages.

Our client had plans to introduce a Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) system into the German rail market, which had historically been dominated by only a couple of suppliers. However, as each country has differing work practices and safety regulations, our client’s product required a number of extensive modifications before it could be installed.

Having worked with Zircon on a number of previous occasions our client approached us to assist with the development process and provide support on a number of activities across the project lifecycle. A large proportion of the work completed by Zircon consisted of the design and implementation of the application framework that formed the central message relaying section of the system, including the design and development of numerous interfaces to a handful of subsystems.

Additionally, our engineers assisted our client with setting up the necessary processes and procedures, which included the preparation of a V&V plan, to achieve the required safety standards. Leading the verification and validation activities, Zircon developed the system and acceptance test specifications, for approval by an independent assessor.   Zircon also carried out independent peer review and static analysis using PRQA, as well as module and integration testing activities.

Zircon’s extensive knowledge and understanding of rail safety standards and their domain allowed us to not only assist our client with acquiring the necessary approvals, but also in developing; integrating and commissioning the system.

Impressed by Zircon’s performance throughout the duration of the initial project when alterations were made to the layout of the track controlled by the system, the client did not hesitate to approach Zircon for assistance once again to make changes to the site confirmation data (ensuring that it was tested to CENELEC 50128 Safety Integrity Level 2 standard).