Project Description

Our client provides military and international armed forces with a method of training and rehearsing missions by utilising complex simulation software. The language in which the software was written is no longer supported, and was making it increasingly more difficult to develop the application and further enhance the training schedule.

It was our clients plan to translate the system into a more modern language, however their workload prevented them from tackling the problem in house. Even though our engineers weren’t familiar with the kind of tasks that the software was being asked to perform, our client had been impressed with the work we had done in other environments and the fact that we are a BSI ISO9001:2008 (TickIT) accredited company.

As with every project there were a couple of issues that had to be overcome in order to complete the project. In this case the biggest problem was that our engineers could not be given access to the actual hardware used by the system, and had to rig up an environment that would allow them to test the altered software. On top of this a large portion of the legacy code did not meet the current coding standards and was riddled with bugs that required fixing along the way.

Zircon’s solution was to port the system into the C#.NET programming language, as this would retain a large quantity of the core application code. By choosing this approach the life of our client’s legacy system was successfully extended and making any future enhancements would be significantly easier, but at a significantly lower cost when compared to rewriting the code.

Upon the conclusion of the project our client had a system that functioned in the same ways that it had before any alterations were made, but the code now met code writing standards and was no longer plagued by bugs.