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Our livelihood and future success depends entirely on maintaining an excellent reputation. We are software developers, not sales people, so it is in our interests to create exceptional solutions, and develop close relationships, which lead to repeat business and regular referrals.

What’s more, as a small independent organisation, we are not being pressurised by shareholders or a parent company to chase profit at the expense of quality.

We are therefore entirely driven by the need to satisfy all your requirements, both in terms of the end result and how the project is conducted – the client’s peace of mind, from beginning to end, is of paramount importance to us. That means we listen carefully to what you are saying and take time to consider all the issues. Where challenges are encountered, and variations are required, our focus is on how best to move forward – we don’t waste time arguing about contractual details or haggling for additional fees.

Whatever the difficulties, we deliver. Our livelihood depends upon it, and we closely guard our 100% success record. See our case studies for further details.

Our business is only as good as our people – so we assiduously attract, develop and retain good employees. Whilst we need individuals with excellent engineering skills, we also look for those who relate well to other people and are easy to get along with.

We make great efforts to help every individual on the team reach their full potential. We are totally committed to the process of continuous learning for the purposes of personal development. This is a cornerstone of our strategy for achieving and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality.

Quality is so fundamental to everything we do, particularly when developing high integrity/safety software, that its importance is hard to overstate. It’s also vital for our customers – they need to be absolutely confident that those solutions are utterly reliable and won’t cause headaches in the future.

Quality has been a cornerstone of our business from the start. Right at the beginning we put in place a robust quality system and sought formal BS EN 9001:2000(TickIT) accreditation. At its first review it was described by the BSI auditor as a ‘well-documented quality [system] covering all clauses of ISO 9001:2000…’ and that there was ‘a clear focus on meeting customer requirements’.

We have continued to maintain our accreditation and now hold ISO 9001:2015 (TickITplus).  The scope of the company’s registration is:

“The design, development, installation, support and maintenance of application software; the supply of operating systems and hardware as part of delivered solutions; and the provision of information technology consultancy services.”

The Zircon Quality Manager reports directly to the Managing Director and is responsible for ensuring quality plans are produced to agreed standards and are adhered to throughout the life of the project. Our quality system has been recognised by both the BSI and our clients, and is recognised as one of the primary reasons why customers continue to return to Zircon.

The quality system is audited annually and then reassessed every 3 years by the BSI. Customers are encouraged to carry out their own quality audits that have been helpful and always successful.