Tools for the most advanced Traffic & Travel systems in the world

“Intelligent Transport Systems” (ITS) provide the intelligent link between travellers, vehicles, and infrastructure. Through the use of technology, we can address and alleviate congestion problems and provide information to transport users to enable them to make informed choices.

WSP Company LogoWSP (now WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff), provide technical consultancy services for a wide range of clients. WSP’s intelligent transport team have played a pivotal role in developing innovative and technologically based solutions for transport management systems, such as the Active Traffic Management (ATM) Control System, the Travel Information Highway (TIH) and the Video Information Highway (VIH).

Zircon have worked with WSP on a number of occasions, with a large majority of the projects focusing on the web based traffic information systems. Other projects have included software to test Highways Agency CCTV System equipment.

“They were happy to send us code at regular intervals so we could do testing as it was developed.”
Principle Engineer, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
“I found them quite flexible – if anything needed to change from the original requirements, they were very good at taking this on board.”
Project Manager, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
“As project manager I felt the team had the right mix of skills and enthusiasm for the project both within WSP and Zircon.”
Principle Engineer, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
“We worked together very closely…and that was a big factor in creating such a good solution…we were able to combine our skills very effectively.”
Engineer, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
“The project was well managed and deliverables were on time and to a high standard.”
Project Manager, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

Hyder Consulting (now a part of Arcadis) is an advisory and design consultancy with a particular focus in the transport, property, utilities and environmental sectors. Hyder’s transport division develops systems designed to give real benefits to their clients.

Zircon has worked with Hyder on a number of projects covering all aspects of the software engineering lifecycle from specification development through to software maintenance and support activities.

“We had absolutely no problems whatsoever, which is remarkable, given the set of challenges we faced.”
IT Consultant, Hyder Consulting
“We knew they were perfectly capable of handling this…so we had no hesitation in calling them.”
Project Manager, Hyder Consulting
“Just had final conference call and client is happy and job is signed off as complete. I was asked to pass on the thank you on a job well done.”
IT Consultant, Hyder Consulting
“This was personally the first time I’d worked with them and they met the brief perfectly …can’t fault them really!”
Project Manager, Hyder Consulting

Telent Company LogoTelent provides their customers with a wide range of network and communication services across a wide variety of industries, which include telecommunications, transport and emergency services.

We assisted Telent with the development of software for a new traffic light controller product. This included the porting of a Traffic Light Optimisation Algorithm onto the new platform and the development of a serial communications library.

“We try to look for the ability in companies like Zircon to pick up work and get on with it. Zircon picked it up in just two weeks …..”
Engineering Manager, Telent

Atkins Company LogoAtkins are one of the UK’s leading providers of intelligent transport systems, they offer their clients a full range of transport planning capabilities and highways infrastructure development and design processes.

We have worked with Atkins to deliver software review and auditing services and undertaken a feasibility study to generate test scripts from a UML design and then reverse engineer changes to the test scripts to update the design.

Mouchel provides their customers with managerial, commercial and technical expertise. Their Highways sector is one of the UK’s leading highways companies, and offer services that range from development and transport planning to maintenance and operations.

The projects we have completed for Mouchel have required the development of a web-based tool to analyse stored data and an SQL server data collection tool, to collect and store data from cameras.

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