Recognising that you have a problem and coming up with possible solutions are just two steps on the road to project recovery. Once you have an idea of a suitable solution and its requirements it is time to establish the feasibility of developing and implementing it with the resources you have available to you.

Should you find yourself struggling, don’t panic just yet. Have a read of these alternative solutions and see if they can provide you with the means to revive your project.truggling, don’t panic just yet. Have a read of these alternative solutions and see if they can provide you with the means to revive your project.

How About Something A Bit More Permanent

It isn’t unusual for companies to have a preference for keeping product development and improvement internal. They like the feeling of security over the likes of IPR and other sensitive information. This desire for control is the reason why, even though it is a long-winded and expensive process, many companies prefer to increase the size of their internal team over bringing in external resources.

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A major benefit of hiring permanent members of staff is that you increase the availability of individuals that you can trust and will have the types of expertise that you favour. Knowing that you have continuous access to these individuals makes the coordination of projects a much simpler task. You also get the added bonus that by making the commitment of hiring an employee you inspire a stronger sense of loyalty than if you were to recruit a contractor or outsource.

While there are certainly a number of benefits to hiring more permanent members of staff, there are occasions where it simply isn’t a practical solution. For example if the need for resources will only be temporary, adding more permanent member of staff will most likely result in a build-up of resources that do nothing more than eat away at your profit margins. Of course you also need to consider the fact that with each new member of staff you will be expected to provide all the miscellaneous employee benefits such as sick leave, holiday and pensions, and all the expenses that come with them.

Maybe Something A Little Less Permanent

hiring an independent contractor is often the preferred alternative to recruiting more permanent members of staff as it doesn’t require such a significant shift in perspective. You are still dealing with a single individual, however they can provide a level of flexibility that simply cannot be achieved with permanent members of staff. They can be hired for the purpose of completing a task, after which they can be removed from your payroll.

Unlike increasing the number of permanent employees, by hiring contractors you can reduce the risk of inefficient work ethic or low quality code as their name is their business they cannot afford to be remembered in a negative manner. Another significant difference between contractors and permanent staff is that you only pay for the work they complete. There is no demand for holiday or sick pay, so although their daily rate is often significantly higher there is no additional or hidden costs involved.

Moving onto the downsides, the flexibility of contractors can be a double-edged sword, especially if you are found to be in breach of IR35. Implemented to combat the avoidance of income tax and national insurance contributions, companies found in breach of this legislation are required to provide the employer contributions that would have arisen during a ‘contractors’ period of employment.

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It is also worth considering that when a contractor leaves your organisation they will take their knowledge with them, and if not documented correctly, it is possible for knowledge to go missing and as a result continuously require the input of external resources. Additionally, you run the risk that should you require assistance again further down the line contractors you have used previously may not be available when you need them.

Two Heads Are Always Better Than One

Outsourcing tends to be the most unpopular of the alternative solutions as it has the greatest demand on trust and requires interaction with a group of people rather than just one individual. However it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, there are plenty of benefits to outsourcing that should be considered.

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By outsourcing to another company, you can eliminate the risk or losing knowledge or finding yourself without access to trusted individuals. By having access to a group of individuals, capable of sharing knowledge and training other team members, should one engineer become unavailable there will already be another capable of filling this space.

Just as with independent contractors, outsourcing allows you to tailor the size of your workforce according to demand however, a significant difference between the two is that by outsourcing you don’t limit yourself to the experiences of just one individual. You will essentially gain access to the experience of every engineer by proxy, as just because a particular individual hasn’t been offered as a resource for your project doesn’t mean that they will not offer their advice or insights.

Of course, there are always some downsides. For example, as soon as you introduce some form of remote working the ability to communicate becomes much more complicated. Even if you avoid the added complication of differing time zones by outsourcing to a company in the same country as you, it isn’t possible to simply stroll into the room next door and ask how it’s going. There is the added risk that it you may not be the only client your chosen company is working with, meaning you may end up forgotten in the rush to deal clients that are more vociferous about their demands.

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