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We’ll solve a range of different problems for you. That, in itself, does not make us remarkable – countless other software companies tackle similar challenges. What does make us different, however, is the way we go about it.

Look at our case studies and the same message comes across repeatedly. We solve the problems, even those that weren’t apparent at the start, without adding to them. We’re on your side, we keep you informed, we collaborate, and we don’t take every opportunity to raise variation orders!

In industries such as rail, aerospace, defence, industrial and automotive, today’s advanced products are reliant upon software controlled electronic systems to control them and prevent failure.

The goal of high integrity computing is to provide tools, techniques and methodologies that effectively support the development of highly reliable software, “Reliability = Robustness + Correctness”. High Integrity covers not only safety systems, but security and business critical systems.

Zircon offers consultancy in the field of software development for high integrity systems. Our High Integrity Solutions division develops applications that:

  • Handle critical data;
  • Have safety implications; or
  • Need high availability

Additionally, we also develop software for test environments which support the development of high integrity systems.

Zircon employs the latest methodologies and technologies to ensure the highest standards, for example, the use of formal methods for safety related systems.

We have developed a track record of developing and supporting system certification to the BS EN 61508 standard and its derivatives. Zircon is able to deliver safety related solutions to IEC 61508 SIL2 and, where higher levels of integrity are required, has strategic partnerships with other organisations in order to provide additional capabilities.

Our services are backed up by a quality management system that embeds best practises, yet has flexibility to allow Zircon to utilise the most efficient development approach, to provide cost effective and robust solutions for our clients.

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Combining user interface capabilities with those in database design and development, we provide internet application development services.

We can also assist you in migrating legacy applications (which may have evolved over many years across diverse platforms) to the internet.

We employ messaging and integration brokers to link legacy and web-based architectures, leveraging additional value from data and bringing about real-time integration between engineering systems, business applications and the Internet.

Working across the presentation, logic and data layers we employ a range of technologies to provide:

  • Consistent and intuitive user interfaces
  • Implementation of business logic and procedures that enable users to perform complex actions via a web interface
  • Data services to store, retrieve and update data in a systematic and organised fashion

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If you need to test a complex system or interface, we specialise in providing the required software testing applications, including back-end system and interface testing.  These services provide improved quality throughout the delivery cycle – from the very beginning they minimise the risk of introducing errors, ensuring that systems and software perform as expected.

Our solutions typically test a particular system to a well-known interface or test specification. The testing requirements are usually defined before the project commences.  We take these requirements and propose an appropriate software and business solution.

Type Approval may be called for (this is granted when a product meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements).  We offer a Type Approval service – this is either as a part of a test tool or we can act as an impartial third party to ensure your product or system meets its Type Approval targets.

Testing applications include Test Harnesses and Test Simulators.  Because of the bespoke nature of different projects, clients and industry sectors, the requirements can be very varied.

We offer a full lifecycle service, from requirements analysis through to delivered and deployed Test Tools.  We develop strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that your end product will meet the requirements outlined at the project initiation.

Test Tools or Test Simulators can be coded for any target platform, but historically have been targeted at the .NET family of technology, and hence Windows.

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As well as providing support for the bespoke developments we carry out for clients we are also are regularly asked to provide support contracts for smaller systems that maybe we did not initially develop.

Each one will be very different, and tailored to the client’s specific needs. Having said that, the arrangement will generally be to have a skilled person, or team, available for a certain amount of hours or days. They will be familiar with the system and can respond as and when required.  These support services generally cover the following:

  • Bug Fix/Functionality Enhancement Support
  • Maintenance Support
  • Help Desk Support

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We can advise on the scope of your project and provide expert guidance on how best to achieve your business and technical objectives.  This may include:

  • Producing specifications and designs which translate your requirements into well-defined technical proposals.  These will form the basis for a subsequent software development project.
  • Assessing existing application workflows and advising on the most sensible ways to consolidate and streamline processes and systems.
  • Investigating technical feasibility of new projects.  We can also use our considerable technical experience to provide guidance on which approaches will prove most fruitful.
  • Using our extensive practical experience to advise on software project management, development, and testing processes.
  • Performing code and/or design review to provide an objective assessment of your current software and systems.
  • Capturing and analysing requirements for any new development that you require.

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