Undergraduate Placements

About Zircon

Over the last 19 years, we have successfully delivered software to a wide spectrum of clients, providing high tech systems for control, information and testing purposes. We have built software solutions for use on a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Android and Embedded devices utilising a plethora of languages such as C, C++, C#, Java and Python.

Formatively, Zircon placed a strong focus on the rail industry, particularly signalling and control systems. We have since expanded into defence, highways, energy, retail and finance. We place great value in encouraging those who are passionate about software because we believe that enthusiasm leads to innovation in meeting project challenges. Skills can be built upon but passion cannot be taught.

What You’ll do at Zircon

Placements at Zircon are designed to provide you access to real life customer projects that matter. You will get the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual, while gaining first-hand experience of working on real-world systems. We ease our placement students into our office environment through a two-week introductory training exercise, under the guidance of a mentor. After which, you will merge into an existing project team (depending on your current skill set), and take on important project tasks.

As part of our quality process, we utilise daily stand-up meetings, as a way to keep each team member informed, identify any project issues early on and work together on resolutions. You will be joining a community of experienced people with knowledgeable insights and big appetites – as proved by the existence of Burger Thursday, Pizza Friday, ad hoc BBQ’s and the regular flow of snacks throughout the office.

Zircon works for a number of different clients – each with their own expectations, requirements and timeline – this guarantees that each placement will be unique.

Future Opportunities

We take pride in the fact that many of our placement students have been offered permanent positions with Zircon and have elected to take them up after the completion of their studies. We believe this demonstrates that Zircon can offer an exciting, varied career with interesting and challenging projects and a friendly work environment.

If you are interested in reading more about postgraduate opportunities at Zircon, please take a look at our careers page.

Zircon Software LTD

Application Process

To be considered for a placement at Zircon, you should be enrolled as a full-time student majoring in a degree with elements or modules of coding.

We understand the difficulty of demonstrating your passion for software in just an hour time slot; this is why we have opted for a different approach to allow us to gain a fuller understanding of you as an individual. We will invite you to join us at Zircon for a day, enabling you to interact with different members of our team and allowing us to gauge your skills and interaction.

You will begin with a team-based activity designed to help relax and demonstrate your communication and problem-solving skills. You will then complete several written assessments, followed by pizza eating, presentations, a tour, demos and one-to-one meetings with our Human Resource team and Directors throughout the day. This will be a great opportunity for candidates to see Zircon for themselves and meet our expert team. This less formal process allows you to demonstrate to us your enthusiasm and aptitude for software development.

If you would like to apply for a place on our interview day, please fill out application form below.

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We are not currently taking on new applications for the Graduate program. If you are interested in Graduate Opportunities at Zircon, please check back regularly as applications will be made available here.