TIDS Progress Update – Live Platform Testing

Since the last update back in July, we are pleased to announce that the TIDS hardware has successfully been installed onsite at the first of our trial stations.  For the next 5 months, the TIDS system will remain in place to assess both its accuracy and how effective the audible deterrent is.

Currently the system is being run without the audible deterrent element in order to ascertain the accuracy of the trespass detection element. For the duration of the test phase there will be an ongoing process of minimising the frequency of false positives via the alteration of parameters in the software, as well as experimentation with both the “restricted regions” (the areas of trespass detection) and “blanking regions” (the areas where detection does not occur). If needs be alterations can be made to the physical camera set up in order to capture the key areas of trespass.

As we head into the winter months we will also be able to establish the efficiency of the system in more volatile weather conditions, where detection may be more difficult as a result of changes in light and visibility.

A second installation will soon be under way at the station at a second test site to undergo a similar test set up until the middle of next year. Once the initial live test phase is complete we will use the findings from the trial to further develop the functionality of the anti-trespass deterrent and how it alerts station staff to trespass events. We will also be looking at developing TIDS as a marketable product.

Keep an eye on the blog for future updates on how the system is coping with the pressures of a live environment.

Second Site Update:

The system has since successfully been installed at the second test site and the testing process is now under way.