National Apprenticeship Week @ Zircon:

Why I Chose An Apprenticeship

2019’s National Apprenticeship Week is now well underway, and here at Zircon, we are keeping up with our promise to open up our blog as a space for our apprentices to reach out to those considering an apprenticeship in order to share their personal experiences and advice.

For today’s edition of the Apprentice Blog Takeover, Dan, who has been working towards his degree in Software Engineering as an apprentice at Zircon, has decided to share the biggest factor that prompted him to take on an apprenticeship.


I have been a Software Engineer Degree Apprentice working at Zircon Software for 10 months, having joined as soon as I finished college.

I knew that I wanted to learn more about the practical application of Software Development, expanding my knowledge from school and college through experience within the industry, without taking on a student loan through university. As I was finishing college and making decisions around my future, I looked into how I could start a professional career in Software Engineering that wouldn’t require me to go to University for 3 or 4 years first.

A Degree Apprenticeship was the clear option; the ability to get a degree and begin to gain valuable work experience. I now work on interesting technologies that I would not have known about otherwise, such as machine learning and new web technologies, and have been able to pick up a wide range of skill sets, providing me with practical knowledge that I would not have gained through the normal Academia/University route alone.

For anyone who is looking to start a career and earning money, whilst maintaining the ability to gain a degree qualification, I can’t recommend this choice enough. I know for sure that I would not have been as happy just studying a degree alone, having to work part-time to make money to live.