National Apprenticeship Week @ Zircon:

What I Enjoy Most About Being An Apprentice

As you may have seen from yesterdays post, for the remainder of this year’s National Apprenticeship week we have handed our blog over to our apprentices, so that they may share their experiences and advice to those considering apprenticeships as a route into software development.

In today’s edition of the Apprentice Blog Takeover, Spencer, who has been an apprentice at Zircon for almost two years, shares what he enjoys most about his role.


I am in the unique position of having had the opportunity to attend both university and an apprenticeship. I left University to join an apprenticeship at Zircon, with the benefits of working and gaining industry knowledge, alongside furthering my formal education being the major factor in moving. I have been here for over a year now and the experience I have gained is extremely valuable for my career.

An apprenticeship has many upsides for those wanting a career in their chosen field, as it is hard to experience the nuances of working life, such as forming work relationships, talking to customers or working in a team when your experience comes directly from a university education. This is why most universities recommend summer placements to their students to prepare them for the working world, with an apprenticeship this is built into the job role.

For me, it helped focus my studies, as I could easily see the end goal of each module I attended through the apprenticeship. This is what I enjoy most about my role, the ability to take the techniques I learn, and apply them directly to real work at the office. These two aspects of the apprenticeship have improved how I approach challenges at work and continue to improve me as a software engineer.