National Apprenticeship Week @ Zircon:

A Typical Day In The Office

As 2019’s  National Apprenticeship Week draws to a close, so too does the Apprentice Blog Takeover. However. whilst the takeover may nearly be over, this won’t be the last you hear from our apprentices. Keep your eyes trained on the Zircon blog and you may just spot an article or two pop up every now and then.

For the final edition of the Apprentice Blog Takeover, Chris, who has completed his apprenticeship and is now a permanent member of our development team, shares his views on a typical day at the Zircon office.

I joined the company straight from sixth form about seven years ago, they helped me through my apprenticeship and on through my degree which I completed about three years ago, and I have worked for the company ever since.

A typical day in the office starts with a stand-up meeting, part of the scrum-based agile development method. During the meeting members of the project team catch up with the changes that have happened during the previous day and find out if there are any problems holding up development.

Throughout the day I am tasked with development work for one of our larger customers in the rail industry, helping improve the software in their systems, using google test to verify that the code meets the requirements laid out by the customer and updating their documentation to be in line with the new version of the system. During lunch, there are often gaming sessions run by members of the company, once a month the company provides free pizza and a couple of people will give presentations on their interests or on the projects they are currently working on.

I myself have previously given presentations on the project I am currently working on, my time using the Nao robots at college and an OBD2 reader I worked on for a college project.