National Apprenticeship Week @ Zircon:

Advice From An Apprentice

As you may know, yesterday marked the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, a celebration that shines the spotlight on apprentices all over the country. Here at Zircon, we feel very passionately about the value that apprenticships can offer, and we are incredibly proud of all our apprentices and all that they have achieved here with us. This is why for the rest of this week, our blog will become a stage for them to share their experiences and advice with the apprentices of the future.

Today we hear from Mark, who has been an apprentice here at Zircon for the last two years, on what advice he would offer to those considering an apprenticeship as a route into software development.


“More and more companies are now asking for experience to accompany a degree, and after having been employed for a while now, I completely agree with that. I have been an apprentice here at Zircon Software for little over a year and a half now, and over this time I feel as if I have accumulated skills that I may not have necessarily gained through the more traditional, academic, route of University. Skills such as working directly with clients, and communicating effectively with not just my fellow engineers but peers such as my project manager, and even the client. If you’re not already completely set on a university degree I seriously ask you to consider an apprenticeship, as it really does offer a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career.

I’ve been lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with a company that I really do enjoy working for, day in day out, and my advice to anyone out there considering an apprenticeship is to really look into the company that is offering the apprenticeship. As I can’t stress enough how important it is to be happy at your workplace!!! The fact I don’t wake up and think ‘uurhh I have to work again’ really helps me to stay motivated and engaged, ultimately allowing me to take in, and learn as much as I can. Not to mention that you get paid to do so!”