It’s Project Induction, but with Scalability as it’s Kernel. 

In a recent conversation with a client they told me, “Zircon is like Cloud computing, we can scale up and down with you as and when needed.  In our case, we needed several months help getting our product to market and Zircon was able to provide the help we needed. If we’d have gone in house it would have meant hiring and training a specialised team for a period of less than a year and that wasn’t on the cards for us.”

I responded to say that project induction is part of our core programming, we have learned lessons about how to scale a project and it was great to be hearing that they’d felt the benefit.

They said, “It’s project induction, but with scalability as it’s kernel.”

It got me thinking, so I read the recent Zircon article introducing cloud computing to learn more about how scalability works in Cloud computing:

Perhaps the biggest draw of cloud is its scalability. Previously the need for infrastructure presented a major issue for many organisations. The intensive time and cost demands of initial set up made rapid expansion almost impossible in many cases. On top of this, organisations then ran the risk of dealing with the cost of maintaining unused equipment, should demand suddenly decrease. As cloud computing removes this requirement, scaling up and down to meet temporary spikes in demand or altering capacity to manage permanent changes in workload is a piece of cake.

Clients, such as in the conversation above, come to Zircon to help them solve problems:

  • Needing some key months development to bring a product to market,
  • Specialisms for a short time frame such as Requirements & Design Specifications or Safety Critical Testing,
  • Consultancy on project delivery,
  • Growing a team to manage a change in support need,
  • Outsourcing the risk that hiring specialised staff for a short time frame brings.

All of these are inherent to needing engineers to hit the ground running on projects and to get visibility fast of what a project entails.  When our clients require a bigger team suddenly, Zircon have already laid the foundations through our processes in order to ensure swift take up for a growing team.

Such scalability is key to Zircon’s project management processes. In the next blog on the series I’ll share the Top 5 for scaling engineers on a project.