Zircon’s Expertise and Agility Proves Invaluable to Invensys Rail

New Signalling Systtem and Control Centre on Vicotria Line

As part of a contract to provide a new signalling system and control centre for the Victoria Line of the Underground, Invensys were expected to develop and install automatic train control equipment. Being a new system it was essential for the testing process to be rigorous, and would involve the collection of huge quantities of data by an on-board data logger for analysis.

Having discovered that the existing logger was not going to be up to the task only a few months before going into service, Invensys needed a new logger and fast. Knowing of Zircon’s expertise in the field, they approached us to take on this responsibility.

Through collaborative working we were able to develop two solutions in tandem. One solution that could be implemented quickly in order to meet the tight deadline, and another that would meet the more long term requirements.

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