Zircon Helps Hyder Consulting and Highways Agency Avoid Major Reporting Pileup

Avoiding Report Pileups

Following internal restructuring within the Highways Agency, the management of a key spreadsheet, that used to create regular reports on incidents, was to be handed over to another department. They saw this as an opportunity to improve the current spreadsheets efficiency.

Hyder Consulting were given the responsibility of handling the upgrade project. This handover proved to be fraught with issues, with a severe lack of documentation, organisation and fragmented communication. Realising that they would be unable work on the project without assistance, they reached out to Zircon to increase capacity and gather all the necessary information from the key people within the HA.

Due to the urgency of the project we had to work within a tight deadline and ensure the product was completed correctly. Our customers were very satisfied with the end result, knowing that all of the requirements put in place by the HA had been met.

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