Zircon Assists Cobham Aviation With The Update of Legacy Software

Upgrading Legacy Software in Aviation

During the Falkland’s War Exocet missiles caused series damage to the Royal Navy. This highlighted a need to train naval personnel and pilots on how best to cope with this evolving threat. Cobham Aviation Services is a provider of operational readiness training, mission rehearsal and electronic welfare training for military and international armed forces.

After a recent re-newel of a multi-million pound contract, the decision was made to update the legacy software controlling their fleet of jets. This involved migrating from the outdated language Borland C++ to C#.NET, making further developments more manageable.

Zircon were approached by Cobham to assist with the port, where we were able to provide them with a fully developed plan of approach, and with the necessary accreditations to proceed with the project. The port was carried out successfully, with the majority of the core application code being retained as well as the resolution of the numerous bugs that became apparent throughout the duration of the project.

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