Zircon Helps Train The Engineers Of The Future

Zircon’s team has grown once again as we welcome three new apprentices into our ranks at our office here in Trowbridge.

We take pride in our ongoing commitment to encouraging the engineers of the future, and as part of this commitment we recently conducted an apprenticeship recruitment day with the aim of identifying a number of both skilled and enthusiastic individuals that we could offer knowledge and guidance to.

The day saw a group of potential candidates engage in team problem solving activities, technical tests and one on one interviews, allowing us to observe their understanding, willingness and attitude in a variety of situations. At the days conclusion we were left with the difficult task of selecting the three candidates that we felt would benefit from a position within the company.

We feel that the three successful candidates will introduce a diverse range of skills into Zircon’s existing knowledge base and we are looking forward to watching them grow and flourish in such an important industry sector.