Zircon Examines Drag Detection At The PTI

Earlier this month Rome’s metro system was abruptly thrown into the spotlight after a female passenger was dragged along a platform after sensors failed to detect that her bag strap had become trapped in the door of the train.

The Platform Train Interface (PTI) is by far one of the most dangerous areas that will be encountered by passengers as they travel, being responsible for 5 passengers fatalities in the UK during the 2015/16 year alone. As the number of passenger journeys continue to increase each year these risks will only be aggravated further, which is why finding a potential solution has never been as vital.

Within the last year Zircon have been experimenting with a number of video analysis techniques aiming to improve the level of safety at the PTI, by analysing CCTV footage in real-time. After hearing about the incident in Rome we were interested to see what would happen if we were to put the captured footage through our detection algorithm.

The video below shows the results.

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We have previously run a number of tests, under lab conditions, on old footage from online sources, but to be able to show our solution working as expected on footage of a current incident has proved that our solution is something we can be confident in.

If you would be interested in hearing more about Zircon’s PTI system do not hesitate to contact Phil Cooper by phone, 01225 764 444 or at phil.cooper@zirconsoftware.co.uk.