The Wonderful Life Of A Placement Student At Zircon


Hi Everyone! I’m Rob Robson, a placement student from the University of the West of England studying Computer Systems Integration. When looking for a placement I was looking for 3 main things. One, the company works with multiple programming languages. Two, the environment feels friendly and welcoming. Three, they allow placement students to work on the implementation of real projects. Zircon software ticks all these boxes and more.

Why Zircon?

Located in Trowbridge, also known as the UK’s version of Silicon Valley, Zircon Software is an established company which has a superior vision when it comes to the software development process. No corners are cut, we make sure every detail has been thought out and covered before implementing a system. Zircon Software do a lot of work for the rail and road industries, so I have come to learn a lot about how technology is made within these industries. Zircon use a wide range of technology, from image recognition to google maps, both of which are innovative technologies that I plan on using for my final year project.

My Time at Zircon

I began my placement by working on a training project where I learnt how Zircon’s software creation process works. I was able to learn new programming languages and innovative tools to create high quality software products. During my placement I have gained a vast amount of knowledge regarding software programming. Under the supervision of experienced engineers, I then began to work on real projects. Everyone is friendly and willing to help and I have learnt so much more than I ever could have anticipated. Learning on the job has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences I have had. To work with new languages and tools on real

Rob Robson

projects, and eventually see them used by the client to fulfil their purpose is so rewarding. There are so many little things University just can’t teach you, which is why the placement year is so important. For example, while on placement I have learnt how to create and review requirements, design and test documents. By following Zircon’s set procedures, I have been able to quickly learn how to create professional looking software products with excellent code quality.


I have had multiple jobs in the past, such as working in retail or working in IT support and I have never before been able to say I wake up looking forward to go to work, until now. I have very much enjoyed my time at Zircon Software and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a placement which will give them the freedom and trust to work on real projects. I highly recommend anyone studying software or embedded systems to apply, it’s been a great experience so far and I cannot wait to continue the rest of my time here.