The Apprentice – Not Fired Yet

Hi, I’m Dave and I am undertaking a degree apprenticeship here at Zircon. The apprenticeship lasts for around 4 years and upon completion I will obtain a BSc (Hons) in Digital and Technology Solutions from the University of Roehampton.

Why an Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is a great opportunity to gain a degree while also experiencing what it is like to work in a company and deal with real-world problems. The job market is highly competitive with seemingly entry-level positions often asking for years of experience. This apprenticeship allows me to learn from experienced engineers, gaining knowledge and valuable experience at the same time.

Experience So Far

I am only a month into the apprenticeship but have already been involved with a real project. I have written module specifications, a great way for me to learn how components of the system we are designing will work individually but also interact with each other.

I have also researched ways to test the system’s ability to transfer data using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This culminated in creating a simple test application written in C++, a language I had never used before.

What I Hope To Do During The Rest Of My Apprenticeship?

Going forward I am hoping to work on a wide variety of projects, using various different technologies and programming languages, to gain as much experience as I can over a large area of skills. I hope to learn about and be involved with all aspects of the software development life cycle.

In just over a month since starting I have already been involved with a real-world project and learned about elements of software, such as the TCP/IP stack, that I had no knowledge of before. Working with experienced engineers who are always happy to answer any queries I have has been really helpful with furthering my understanding of everything I have been working on.

I am looking forward to progressing through the apprenticeship and am eager to discover how my skills continue to improve as I do so.