Zircon Is Now A Part Of The Digital Outcomes And Specialists Framework

The Digital Marketplace is transforming the way the public sector commissions digital and cloud services, by making it simpler, clearer and faster for them to buy what they need. All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find and buy cloud-based services, specialists who can work on digital projects and physical data centre space.

As of the end of February 2016 the Digital Services 2 Framework, run by the UK Government Digital Service and the Crown Commercial Service, has been redesigned and renamed to form a new framework called Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS).

This new framework, which will sit alongside G-Cloud and Crown Hosting in the Digital Marketplace, will be broken down into 4 separate categories of service. Zircon is pleased to announce that we have been successful in both of the categories we have applied for, Digital Specialists and Digital Outcomes.

The Digital Specialists category allows Zircon to supply government bodies with designers and developers to assist with projects, and Digital Outcomes allows us to provide the Government with teams to develop software, provide support and operations as well as take part in testing and auditing processes.

For more information on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework click here