Compass 4D C-ITS Success

Zircon is pleased to announce that we have been successful in our bid to assist with the development of an android application as part of Newcastle City Council’s contribution to the Compass 4D project.

Compass 4D is an EU funded project that officially ended in December 2015, but Newcastle City Council have received a grant from the Department for Transport (DfT) to further extend the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) deployed as part of the project.

The aim of the application is to improve safety and reduce congestion and pollution by helping motorists to drive more efficiently. Linking an in-vehicle communication system directly with the city’s Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) centre, the infrastructure will ‘talk’ directly to motorists, giving certain vehicles priority at junctions.

Zircon will be developing software to run on Android based devices that will act as the Human Machine Interface between the vehicle driver and On Board Units (OBUs).  Energy Efficient Intersection Service (EEIS) Messages will be displayed when in range of signalised control, and road hazard warning messages will be displayed when no EEIS messages are available.

The Energy Efficient Intersection service provides advice to optimise the way vehicles pass through an intersection. Both energy and emissions are saved by avoiding any unnecessary acceleration or braking by the vehicle driver. To reach this goal, a two-way radio communication system is used between the traffic light control unit and the equipped vehicles.