New Year, New Finances – How Can We Help?

Now that Christmas and New Year are a distant memory, directors and CEO’s are beginning to think about their budget and plan for the year ahead. A critical part of this activity is ensuring that they have the necessary staff and competency levels for each stage of the year.

Unfortunately the potentially unpleasant thoughts of hiring and firing could be an important factor in these decisions, but deciding what to do with staff can feel complicated.

Knowing that you’ve got that project coming up that your staff will not be able to manage gives you time to contemplate the thought “Am I needing help continuously or is this more of a temporary situation?”. With hiring new staff being a costly and potentially lengthy process (costing on average £30,000 per member of staff over a period of 28 weeks

[1]) you may want to consider the option of outsourcing.

Companies like Zircon exist in a large majority of the UK’s industry sectors, our purpose is to solve your problems and remove stress from the company workplace. We let managers/directors focus on other important tasks, such as acquiring future projects.

If you like being in control outsourcing work doesn’t remove you from the process entirely; our staff work alongside your staff as an extra resource that fills the gaps in staff numbers and can back up or expand on your company’s knowledge and experience. There is no need to worry about the quality or standard of work produced, we know that attention to detail is an important factor for many of our clients and as a result we make them our top priority.

Like a tap we can be turned on and off as and when we are wanted, we won’t be a constant drain on resources in those quiet periods but we will be there to make the numbers when needed.

In cases where the quantity and type of work is predicted to be there for the long haul, hiring a new permanent member of staff will probably be a benefit, but don’t forget the other options for when there is a doubt. It may save you from uncomfortable situations at a later date.