Another TickIT in the Box

TickIT, the certification program for companies in the software development and computer industries, has been updated to become TickIT Plus.  Zircon has held TickIT certification since 2002 and is now pleased to announce that we have now successfully transitioned over to TickIT Plus.

BSI and TickITplus

What is TickITplus?

Developed in the early 1990s, TickIT was aimed to help software suppliers, including in-house developers and IT service and system providers, define and implement a quality system that covers all the essential business processes in the product lifecycle, within the framework of the quality management systems standard ISO9001.

TickIT Plus adds a new dimension by combining industry best practice with International IT standards. It provides ISO 9001:2008 accredited certification with a Capability Grading for all sizes and types of IT organisations.

It cross-references ISO/IEC 15504 (Information technology — Process assessment) and ISO/IEC 12207 (Systems and software engineering — Software life cycle processes) amongst others. In addition it promotes Auditor and Practitioner competency and training within established qualification standards.

Putting the Foundations in Place

At this time our certification is at the Foundation level – requiring a process model definition only.  The intention is that Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, equating to levels 2 – 5 of the ISO/IEC 15504 model, will follow in time.

To achieve Foundation Level we needed to ‘massage’ our existing system to map on to the new scheme and to cross reference the system to the scheme requirements.  We benefited from some pointers provided by our BSI auditor at the pre-assessment and successfully achieved certification at the first attempt at the end of November 2014.

Do we really need it?  Will our customers care?

As previously mentioned, Zircon has held TickIT certification since 2002 and taking the plunge to go for TickIT Plus was an obvious step.  One can argue that you don’t need to have this system of quality management in place but, like any management system, having one in place allows everything to function more efficiently.

Whilst our customers may not always recognise the significance of this award, they will notice the benefits that are realised when their projects are delivered on time and to the quality you would expect from a world class company.