The Graduate, Rosemary’s Baby and Trainspotting – What’s the Connection?

I’m Ciarán (Irish pronunciation: Kieran) and I am the newest graduate to join the ranks of Zircon Software.

Joining Zircon was an astounding piece of good fortune. A friendly, nearby software company that didn’t mind my relative inexperience in software engineering (mathematics graduate, only a few computing modules) has caused me to suspiciously search for a catch. But four months later and no catch leads me to believe that there isn’t one (or that my first born now belongs to someone with horns – see “Rosemary’s Baby”).

Working with Zircon has been highly enjoyable. They have somehow managed to find work suited to my odd skill set – I’m now developing a project in the field of Computer Vision. This subject has proved challenging, and yet it is an area that has proved surprisingly forgiving with regard to my computing naiveté.   The problem I’m working on is how best to detect changes in the background terrain during train journeys (using video footage from the camera mounted on the locomotive).  The objective is to develop a program that spots dangers that are not simple object detection problems (falling trees, land slips). This has been a deliciously abstract problem to sink my mental teeth into and has proved very stimulating.

The staff here are cheerful and friendly, and the office has a real family atmosphere to it. I have only had a chance to get to know a few of my work colleagues but the in-house banter is light and inclusive, and the few brave souls that have ventured to my far corner of the office to talk are kind enough to share advice, stories and purposeless conversation (I have still not yet managed to convince Jurek that my hat is concealing a bad haircut, not a mind controlling parasite) which is always a boon to my day.

I have also been invited to the handful of after work celebrations (Christmas, end of fiscal year) which have definitely added to feeling of inclusiveness and help wonderfully in getting to know my colleagues.

So in short, working at Zircon Software has been a joy and I look forward to the rest of my time here.