Off The Rails

For those of you who have worked with us, or have simply visited our website, you will know that Transportation, and the Rail Industry in particular, is our main market.  However, we have been looking to widen our field of interest and I’d like to mention a few projects that we are currently working on that fall into what you might describe as Finance, Nuclear and Telecoms.

Electronic Payments Portal

Our client is one of the original pioneers in developing secure electronic payment solutions.  The company supplies a comprehensive range of fixed, portable and mobile payment terminals, as well as PIN pads and unattended terminals for integration with cash register systems and self-service kiosks.

They currently maintain a number of tools and databases which provide the functionality to manage Call Centre Help Desk, Dispatch and Terminal Management functions which they provide as a service to users of their equipment.

One of their clients wanted to undertake these management functions themselves so our client approached us to help them.  Zircon is now in the process of developing a web based portal that will give our client’s client access to the subset of the database(s) that will allow them access to the information that will enable them to undertake these functions themselves.

Nuclear Waste Information

Zircon has been working with our client to provide consultancy to the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency (NDA) who have a requirement to support the lifecycle management of radioactive waste information.

The current process is based on data compilation and submission using a bespoke system or Excel spreadsheets.  Data is processed and analysed centrally using MS ACCESS and another specific database.

NDA have commissioned a study to review at a high level the current process.  The study has involved stakeholder consultation and the output will be a functional requirements specification for a ‘new approach’ to the management of radioactive waste information.

Zircon has been supporting our client in the production of the outline functional requirements specification, focusing on:

  • The data-set requirements,
  • The data-set production,
  • The data-set management, and
  • Recommendations for tools and techniques that could be used to achieve this.

Health & Safety Audit Database 

We also continue to support another of our clients in the maintenance of a web based database system used to track and audit health & safety issues of contractors working on mobile phone infrastructure upgrades.

All the above systems share the common theme of holding and providing access to information vital to the successful operation of our client’s businesses.  So whilst they may not be the safety related systems that we routinely work on in the rail industry, it is just as important that they operate reliably and robustly.