25 Years of Dedication

Some non-work related news for a change.  Last week Brian Hunt, Zircon’s Managing Director, was recognised by his local council for outstanding achievement in the ‘Neighbourhood’ category.  Brian was recognised for his 25 years of service as a leader of the 1st Neston and Box Scout troop.

On receiving his award at the annual town meeting  he commented:


“In 1987 they wanted someone to set up a new group, so I stepped forward and have been there ever since.  You get a chance to get outside and do the things you wouldn’t otherwise get to do, like hiking, camping and climbing.  I have seen one of my old Scouts come back with their own kids, which does make you feel old though.”

Everyone at Zircon would like to congratulate Brian on his award and his dedication and commitment to the Scouts over the past quarter of a century.