Data Generation Tool

Zircon has completed work on an upgrade to our client’s Data Preparation System.

Our client has an application that simulates a railway environment which is used with their Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems. The application requires data in order to drive it and this is generated by another of our client’s existing tools.

This tool suffered from a number of problems. The main one being that engineers needed to manually re-enter all the specific simulator data when the ATO/ATP system data changes. Additionally, that manually entered data is often lost if the application crashed, resulting in lost time and frustration for our client’s engineers.

Zircon was approached with a set of new requirements for the data preparation tool and asked to propose how the tool could be modified or replaced. Zircon proposed a solution that kept the underlying data compilation code but introduced a new user-friendly user interface and new functionality to allow data to be saved at any stage of the entry process. This will give our clients a tool that meets their needs and is robust whilst minimising the cost to them.