A Year End and a Change of Scenery

As we near the end of 2012 it seems a natural time to pause and reflect on the goings on of the previous year.

2012 has seen an expansion of the Zircon ‘team’ which is encouraging; we must be doing something right!  As usual the range of projects we have worked on has been wide and varied.  From those that were only a few thousand pound in value to a very large project that is still ongoing.

We started the year by finalising our work on a project to interface our clients Automatic Train operation (ATO) system with their European Train Control System (ETCS) to demonstrate to Network Rail that it could be achieved.  We quickly moved on to a project for another client carrying out peer reviews on their train braking control software.  Other projects this year include:

  • Support of a database used to track Health and Safety requirements for mobile phone mast works
  • An environment controller system used to start and control our clients train control test rig
  • Data changes and subsequent test (SIL2) for a signalling system in Germany
  • Testing/Commissioning support to our client for a metro system upgrade
  • Fixes to a spreadsheet based signalling scheme design tool
  • Development of software for a train carried CCTV system
  • Development of a Functional Specification for a nuclear waste reporting system
  • Development of a device driver as part of a communications system upgrade

Whilst our expansion is encouraging it does also mean that we have now outgrown our current offices.  We have therefore taken the decision that new premises are in order and will be making the transition over the Christmas period to minimise the impact to current projects.

We are not travelling far, but we are more than doubling the space available to us, and are staying in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.  The new address can be found below and assuming everything goes to plan, our telephone number and email addresses will be unchanged and we will be in our new home come the New Year.

Address from 2013 onwards:

Zircon Software
Bellefield House
Hilperton Road
BA14 7FP

Tel:          01225 764444
Fax:        01225 753087
Email:    info@zirconsoftware.co.uk

So finally, I and everyone at Zircon would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we look forward to moving onwards and upwards in 2013.