It’s not what you know…

Companies, like people, have their comfort zone. For people the comfort zone is defined by environment, activities, companions etc. For companies it really revolves around projects; the type of work, the size of contract, the relationship with the customer.

As a small company the projects that represent Zircon’s comfort zone are typically 2 to 4 engineers developing software for a rail or road application for a big player in that arena for 6 to 9 months. However, we are, as you know, Agile and Reliable so when one such customer asked us to field a team of eight for three months we thought that we had to step up to the challenge!

So, what to do when required to provide a team of competent engineers that will enhance the good name of Zircon by doing a good job for our customer, within two weeks? Not an easy task even for much larger companies.

One way would be to approach an agent and recruit a few contractors, but how can you be sure that the engineers will be up to the job and that the team will gel? This can be time consuming and expensive with no guarantee of success.

Well then, it really comes down to who you know!

Over the years we Zirconites have worked with numerous good engineers and have maintained contact and a good relationship with a number of them. When the call came to provide a big team we were able to shuffle the commitments of some of our permanent team and to supplement them with suitable reinforcements using engineers that we know and trust. Without too much difficulty, we have met the requirement with time to spare.

The work that this team is undertaking involves developing safety related software for a rail application. This demands both skill and commitment form the engineers so you can see that it is important to have the right team.

You can also see that we do live up to our claim of being AGILE and RELIABLE!