From time to time we employ the services of Jim O’Connor at Stories that Sell who helps brands and organisations work out what they need to say, and then communicate it in the most effective way possible.

Jim has written many an entertaining blog post and a recent one, Your offering is GREAT! But so what?, struck a chord recently.  In it he talks a lot about a local brewer and their long established brand name but more importantly he states that “Consumers expect your product or service to be good – that’s a given” and that is something that I’ve found myself saying a number of times recently when meeting prospective clients.

Our clients, and prospective clients, expect us to be capable software engineers who can provide a solution to their problems – it IS a given.  The problem we face is that there are any number of organisations and individuals who can provide this service so why should they choose Zircon above them?

The answer in our opinion and, it seems in the eyes of our clients, lies not in our core offering, namely software development, but in those aspects of our service that support it.

A couple of years back we carried out a survey into why our clients had chosen Zircon and the two common themes that cropped up time and time again were that:

  1. As an organisation we were responsive, flexible and adaptable.
  2. We were reliable and that client’s knew what to expect from us.

Now of course this is what we subconsciously had always striven for, but it had never really been spelled out to us in such a clear way that this was also what our clients most appreciated about the work we did for them.   Not that we necessarily employed the best software engineers (we do of course!) or that we offered a competitive price for our work (again, we do!).  What really mattered was that they could rely on us to deliver and that we were agile enough to adapt to a way of working that would deliver the results they were looking for and respond quickly to the challenges that inevitably arise on a project.

When we redesigned our company logo we attempted to capture this and that is why you now see the words AGILE ● RELIABLE under the Zircon name.

So to return to Jim’s blog post, we fully support the message that it is not enough to simply be the best, or even just good at what you do, you need to make that extra effort to get noticed and ultimately deliver an experience that surpasses expectations.