Life As A Placement Student

I have been working at Zircon since June 2010 as part of my placement year for my Computer Science course at University.

I was responsible for configuring the ‘Voice Over IP’ phone system. I am currently working on a group project, allowing me to experience collaboration with other employees. I have also experienced company meetings and the different processes involved in the project lifecycle, from quote to delivery.

As my University course teaches Java, I am learning C# whilst working. C# is the main programming language used at Zircon but other languages may be used depending on the project requirements. The company have ample books available to help employees with the learning process.

Zircon has a professional and relaxed working environment. Other employees are friendly and can offer their expertise if required.

Social events have included a skittles night, allowing me to get to know the other employees. Recently, the company held a Christmas party which was generously paid for and very enjoyable.

Overall, I have valued my time at Zircon and look forward to working at the company in the New Year for the remainder of my placement. There may be an opportunity for me to work longer than initially planned and the possibility of a job offer after I have graduated from University.