Zircon’s PLC Endeavour

Zircon has recently completed work for a client who is upgrading a railway in Norway.   A number of updates to the railway, including new interlockings, new signals and other equipment upgrades meant that both the software and the underlying data required updating.

Our engineer worked on our client’s site to support this upgrade project.   He was primarily responsible for creating an interface between our client’s control centre applications and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

The PLCs collect maintenance information from all over the rail network.  The system architecture was being changed to simplify the wiring by making use of a network of PLCs, rather than a single central one as previously used.

Zircon assisted in developing the communications software running in the control centre, to interface to the PLCs using a standard process control protocol (OPC).

This links the incoming fault and status data to the control centre database, enabling operators to view problems on their workstations.

Our client is currently installing the software on site and Zircon is ready to support this if required.