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In industries such as rail, aerospace, defence, industrial and automotive, today’s advanced products are reliant upon software controlled electronic systems to control them and prevent failure.

The goal of high integrity computing is to provide tools, techniques and methodologies that effectively support the development of highly reliable software, “Reliability = Robustness + Correctness”.  High Integrity covers not only safety systems, but security and business critical systems.

Zircon offers consultancy in the field of software development for high integrity systems.  Our High Integrity Solutions division develops applications that:

  • Handle critical data;
  • Have safety implications; or
  • Need high availability

Additionally, we also develop software for test environments which support the development of high integrity systems.

Zircon employs the latest methodologies and technologies to ensure the highest standards, for example, the use of formal methods for safety related systems.

We have developed a track record of developing and supporting system certification to the BS EN 61508 standard and its derivatives.  Zircon is able to deliver safety related solutions to IEC 61508 SIL2 and, where higher levels of integrity are required, has strategic partnerships with other organisations in order to provide additional capabilities.

Our services are backed up by a quality management system that embeds best practises, yet has flexibility to allow Zircon to utilise the most efficient development approach, to provide cost effective and robust solutions for our clients.